“We are all playing a game, financially speaking, but very few of us were ever taught the rules”



Want Financial Hope?    You’re in the right place!


If you have ever made an unwise financial choice or financial mistake I want to offer you some unusual words of encouragement; welcome to the club.  The good news is, you can absolutely learn the skills needed to get ahead financially.  You see, we are all playing a game (financially speaking) but we were never taught “the rules”.  If you have discovered that the path you thought would lead to financial success, is actually leading to more and more financial frustration, then this site is for you.  If you have reached a point where you desire to make different financial decisions so that you can get ahead….WELCOME.  No matter your job or your income, I want you to know that you can do this.  The Dream Big/Live Small™ method is a “skill” that you can learn.  You can, and will, become financially successful!

Here is what appears to be an “out of left field” question.  Did you know that you will never reach the horizon…the line that goes across the western sky?  Yes, I know it’s pretty obvious, however most of us are living our financial lives each day with the idea that we will reach the financial horizon some day.  If we were not talking in a financial sense and I asked you, what happens to the horizon when you get to the place where it is now?  The obvious answer is….. it’s moved.

The Dream Big/Live Small™ site as well as the curriculum is all about encouraging you to stop running to the horizon, financially speaking, and begin looking around you.  Our desire is to help you become aware of what financial decisions you are making today…and tomorrow and then empowering you to make different financial decisions with FINANCIAL MARGIN as your new financial goal, rather than the horizon….to read the rest of the article please click here.


We work with companies who value their employees and want to help them live financially healthy.

For Employers, Agencies/Nonprofits and Churches; instead of investment advice, we provide "making it to the end of the month" advice for financial hope.

"Very real and transparent...great personal examples"

"For the first time in our lives, we have money at the end of the month!"

"My kids are learning about the buckets. If we don’t have any money in the entertainment/recreation bucket we don’t eat out."

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