What is YOUR Style?

Home is where your heart is. Nothing could be more true. It is our safe place, our haven. The place where we go to seek peace and quiet at the end of the day. No matter the design, the decor or the dimensions, the place we call home is unique to each of us.

Home Sweet Tiny Home.

Two years ago, my husband and I built what we call a Barndominium, which is in essence living space within a large Pole Barn or shop. This living space was to be an interim space to live in while we built a larger home all the while building pasture and a barn for our horses. Little did we know that once we settled in to our smaller space, we would find ourselves to be quite comfortable and liking the fact that the smaller space was much more practical to maintain on many levels. Not only is it much easier to clean ( I LOVE this fact), It costs less to keep the lights and the heat on! There have indeed been adjustments to be made but we really do love our Home Sweet Tiny Home!!

Small But Mighty,

Eventhough our Barndominium is on the smallish side, it is well appointed and quite comfortable! Our main floor living space is 15 feet wide and 36 feet long and includes a kitchen and living room area, a bathroom and the master bedroom. The cabinetry is custom Hickory and there is plenty of cabinet space in the kitchen and bath. Upstairs are the kids’ rooms and a bathroom. There is a laundry and mechanical room off the front porch with storage space and a freezer as well. Having a smaller living space has forced us to be mindful of what we really need, what we purchase and to be organized. I can’t believe how much “stuff” we had in our previous home and because we had a lot more space, we would just put stuff away and often times, forget we even had it. Now, we have what we need and we give much more thought to the purchases that we make. Have you thought about what the ideal Home Sweet Tiny Home would look like for you?

The Possibilities are endless.

You are thinking of creating your own Home Sweet Tiny Home, what do you envision it to look like? Is it a cabin? Is it a loft style within a larger building? Is it a barndominium? Is it one side of a duplex or triplex? Is it a Park Model or an RV? Is it a “Mother in Law” apartment (why do they call it that anyway?)? Is it an Accessory Dwelling Unit on your existing property? Is it a shipping container or even 2 shipping containers stacked together? What about purchasing a pre-made portable building and having it delivered and then finishing it in your own style? There are so many possibilities! It really is exciting to think about the cool ideas you can come up with from designing and building your own from the ground up to having it completely finished and delivered. Today you can even purchase a prebuilt tiny house from Amazon and they will deliver it (although I am not sure PRIME applies). With the internet at your finger tips, you have literally unlimited access to ideas and resources to make your dream become a reality! My mind is racing and I’m getting more excited for you by the minute!

Where in the World?

So, now that I have you thinking about what your dream tiny home would look like, where do you envision it will be located? Will it be in the mountains or by the ocean? Will it overlook a lake or a river? Ah, the sound of crashing waves or rushing water! Will it be in a large meadow or in the forest? I can just hear the crickets and the birds singing their songs! This is definitely an important decision to make! Because you have a smaller indoor space, your living space will almost definitely flow to the outside. What scents and sounds from the great outdoors give you the most joy or make you feel the most peaceful? Do you prefer to have solitude in the woods or do you enjoy the activity of a neighborhood community? There are no right or wrong answers here, but it is definitely something you want to truly ponder. The great outdoors is the main reason that my husband and I decided to continue living in our smaller space. We both love the outdoors and are happiest when we are able to spend time outside enjoying nature. Whatever the reason you have chosen to live smaller, choosing the right location is an important decision. Another reason we chose to live smaller, is so that we could build a retirement home and yes, you guessed it, our retirement home will be small too! We have chosen and purchased the land for this home. I don’t think we could love it more. It is in the mountains with a beautiful view of the Bitterroot Range in Idaho. It is perched on a knoll where we can see the sun rise in the morning and watch it set in the evening. It truly is our happy place and our souls find peace there. No matter what you decide your tiny home will look like and where it will be located, you can make it your own. Just because it is tiny does not mean it cannot be mighty.

Do your ‘home’ work.

I know, I sound like your Mama, but trust me and do what Mama says! Make sure to check zoning and codes in your town or community when you are in the planning stages. Often times, there are size restrictions especially if you are building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). In some cases there could be Homeowner’s Associations with guidelines or restrictions. You don’t want to get too far along in the process and find out your tiny dream home won’t pass final inspection. Visit your local planning department and get informed. A little homework in advance can save you a big headache in the end.


No matter what design you choose for your tiny home and no matter where you decide your tiny home will be located, know that although it may be tiny in size, in can be mighty in what it has to offer. You can make it perfect for you, It doesn’t matter what the world says you need in a home. It is your home sweet tiny home. Make it your own.

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